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Holster for suppressed s&w m&p 22 compact?
With an el camino.

Anyone know of a holster that will hold the gun with the suppressor attached? Thanks.

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re: Holster for suppressed s&w m&p 22 compact?
i need one for a ruger mark4 with a tunderbeast too.

ETA: tandemkross has a nice one for the ruger. idk about the s&w
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re: Holster for suppressed s&w m&p 22 compact?
holsters are easily made out of milk jug plastic, using $20 heat gun from Harbor freight tools and a handi-stitch sewing awl. Be sure to bevel all sides of the assembly holes, or the plastic wills swiftly cut the waxed linen thread. I intensely dislike the bulk and looks of the huge rivets that all the fools use to assemble kydex and ballistic nylon holsters. Depending upon how long your can and gun are, you can perhaps conceal it IWB. My can design and a M21 Beretta .22lr pocket gun totals 9", 15 ozs, groups 2" at 25 yds. If i hold shut the slide with my non-firing thumb, it's BB gun quiet, cause I use the space ahead of the trigger guard, under the main tube of the can, for further expansion and cooling of the powder gases. it's not rocket science, but can-makers are greedy and lazy. They'd much rather sell you a cylindrical can, for $200, that they make in half an hour, than sell you a proper can, adding just 3.5" to the guns' length, for $400, that takes them half a day to make.

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