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re: Best/Worst vacation you’ve ever had
After business traveling all over the world I was able to take my family on a 2 week European vacation to France, Germany, Belgium and Holland. Memories of a life time for all of us. The reason I mentioned business travel is because I got to go to a lot of cool places but always wished my family was with me.

Second best was a vacation in Belize.

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re: Best/Worst vacation you’ve ever had

Worst: road trip to DC. All 3 of us got food poisoning when we stopped at Gettysburg (Hanover, PA). Violent diarrhea and vomiting non-stop for 12 hours. The hotel should've deemed our room a Biohazard. Finally got to DC and had a great time, but we often look back and laugh at the "Battle of Hanover."

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re: Best/Worst vacation you’ve ever had
Best South Dakota with my family

Took a top customer and his wife on a trip with my wife and my boss and his wife.

3rd day we were going to do something fun. I found a chartered sail boat that took us in the bay and offered brunch. Stay in a nice hotel the night before. They get to sleep in and f they want. Get on company plane by 3

Boss says deep sea fishing is what we’re doing. Port OConnor. He drives us like a bat out of hell and says there’s our rooms. A nasty motel that had roaches and fungus smell. We need to get up at 4 am. No good dinner spots at all. Get on boat and they say we will hit swells 4-8 ft. More like 12-14 ft. Customers wife is sick, my wife is sick 10 min later. I go lay down but the fumes from the engine overtake me and I’m down.

Best part : My boss faints and does a face plant on deck and almost slides off boat. First mate grabs him by the shorts barely and my customer grabs his ankle. He cut her s head, lip, and gouges his hand. I say let’s turn around and boss says he’ll no we are catching fish. So we stay out 3 of us out of action. Boss catches some dumb fish then faints again. Haha.

My customers hate him and said they will never go anywhere with him again. Long flight home once I got boss out of emergency room.

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re: Best/Worst vacation you’ve ever had

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