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re: We would have gone to the playoffs for the 4th straight season...

I think if Payton would've been here our offense would've run more efficiently, hence less putting the defense on the field over and over and reducing their exposure. We lost quite a few games this year due to offensive breakdowns. Sure we have nice stats but played pretty average on offense in a lot of key situations especially early in the year. A lot like 08.

I couldn't have said it better myself. frick the trolls because they don't know what the frick they're talking about.

The offense was horrible in 3 key areas especially early in the season. 3rd conversion rate, redzone offense & time possession were all areas that the offense performed poorly in. They were 2-11 on 3rd downs against the Redskins & 5-13 against the Chiefs which included going 0-6 their last 6 possessions. I don't care how good your defense is, they won't hold up all game long when being forced to play so many snaps.

The offense's inability to sustain drives resulted in the team getting killed in time of possession. The play calling & execution on 3rd down & in the redzone was shotty as well. Those are areas that will improve next season with having Payton back. The haters & trolls don't see that though. They just spew a whole bunch of nonsense when they just need to STFU & prepare their anus next season.

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