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Training Camp Contender #2, Braylon Broughton
scores high on badassness looking without pads

Expert TCU take from yurintroubl:

H: 6’ 4 1/8"
W: 257 lbs
Hands: 9.25"
Arms: 33.25"
WSpan: 80.5"

TCU Pro Day Results:
40yd: 4.50s flat (2nd run was 4.55s)
V Jump: 36.0"
B Jump: 9’ 10"
225 Bench: 26 reps
Short Shuttle: 4.30s
Long Shuttle: 12.15s
3-Cone: 7.19s
(measurables are INSANE for a guy his size)

A little background info:
* Didn’t play football until his Jr. year of High School (basketball player prior to that).
* Hard worker with a GREAT MOTOR.
* VERY RAW but coachable (put him with Hicks and let them learn together) HUGE upside.
* Stayed out of trouble during his time as a Horned Frog. A likeable locker room guy.

Limited experience prior to going to TCU (played when he was young but only joined his high school team his Junior year).

The coaches there were moving him around to see where they could best utilize his skill set while trying to basically teach him the game at the same time (and TCU's D is neither normal or easy to learn).

Couple his learning curve with the fact there were a lot of solid players ahead of him his first couple of years and I think he began to lose focus a bit. He was dropped a couple of spots in the DL rotation his Sophomore and Junior seasons. Gary Patterson is a stern taskmaster and it's very hard to get out of his doghouse once you're in it. Broughton finally earned back some of the trust he had lost his Senior year and began to make noticeable progress.

IMO - I don't think he realized what exactly it meant to be a football player and the work, study and commitment to learning proper technique, etc... until it was almost over for him. TCU's coaches may have written him off a bit. I've heard a lot of "if he could put it all together - he'd be a helluva player" type statements regarding Broughton.

So there you have it.

Way I see it - He's very lucky to have this opportunity with the Saints. Either he's going to flip that switch or he isn't. I, for one, would love to see him put it all together.

Looks every bit the part with a rocked-up, athletic build — has an NFL physique. Shows easy lower-body movement and has a 36-inch vertical leap. However, played just one season of high school football and started just five games as a senior at TCU — instincts, football IQ, hand use and pass-rush moves are rudimentary. Has never been able to focus solely on football, which has not come naturally, but is a hardworking, mature, very raw size-speed prospect with moldable talent and untapped potential. Ideally suited for the practice squad, as he will require patience and simple assignments. Turns 25 in December.

"It was probably me just not taking the time out to learn the defense as much as I should have," he told Monday as he visited the team's practice facility in Allen Park as one of their allotted 30 pre-draft visits.

"I have the talent, I just have to put all the knowledge on the field at one time and that kind of held me back a little bit."

"Some eyes popped out when they saw that," Broughton said of his Pro Day workout. "I've gotten a lot of calls now, but whenever they turn on the film they're going to see a lot of me chasing down quarterbacks."

When asked what his biggest asset would be to whatever team drafts him, Broughton said: "A lot of potential that hasn't been tapped yet."

another perfect PS looking developmental player!
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re: Training Camp Contender #2, Braylon Broughton

dude does look the part no doubt

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re: Training Camp Contender #2, Braylon Broughton
Passes the eye test certainly, maybe he'll be a junior galette type guy where he has his moments and stick around some how until get some playing time down the road.

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re: Training Camp Contender #2, Braylon Broughton
Galette is going to go off this year. Book it.

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re: Training Camp Contender #2, Braylon Broughton
Dude got some serious guns

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re: Training Camp Contender #2, Braylon Broughton
I'm really hoping he somehow finds a way to turn on the switch with us. He certainly looks the part, has all the measurables, and seems like a good guy. Would be ecstatic if he turned into yet another diamond that this organization found in the rough.

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re: Training Camp Contender #2, Braylon Broughton
-mark #62 as a guy to watch for camp goers, report afterwards

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