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re: So what does this mean for coach SP?
It doesn't matter what you or I buy, it matters what Payton buys, what Benson buys and how much evidence they think the league has.

Benson just came out last week and threatened to sue the league, he isn't scared to sue the league. Why he wouldn't sue if he thinks he can win will be left to mystery.

If indeed two arbitrators, Godell and Tagliabue think they have enough evidence to prove an illegal system was in place, but Payton and/or Benson agreed with most of the fans that such evidence does not exist, I find it hard to believe one of them would not sue for the millions it has cost them.

It doesn't matter what we believe though. Payton will react to the findings and had the findings revealed that no system existed, yeah, you bet your arse he'd sue. BUT, since the findings reitterate a system was in place Payton needs to be as confident as Vilma he can prove no such evidence exists. Whether I believe there is enough or not is kinda of irrelevant, but until I see Benson and/or Payton sue it doesn't matter.

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re: So what does this mean for coach SP?

He has the ability to sue, but not the motivation.


SP taking this without a fight has a lot to do with the Vicodin scandal as well.

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re: So what does this mean for coach SP?
It's interesting and quite telling that the league let off the players, who have recourse via the NFLPA, but slammed the coaching staff and management who have no recourse via a coaches union.

The coaches through out the league need to see if they can form a union to protect themselves from an over reaching commissioner in the future.

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re: So what does this mean for coach SP?
I 100% agree with this.
Another blunder to Rog and his crap fest of a legacy.

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