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Differences between Kubiak and Payton offenses?

Posted on 2/23/24 at 4:15 pm
Posted by Mushroom1968
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Posted on 2/23/24 at 4:15 pm
Sorry if I butchered spelling. As far as QBs are concerned are there big differences between the 2 styles? I assume SP (Carmichael) were more based off timing? I’ve read Carr is more of a just drop back and pass or air it out type and doesn’t do well with timing, doesn’t mean that’s true. Carr had decent seasons in the past but not sure what style O was being ran in Oakland then. Curious how our new OC scheme will fit him. Curious how it will work with Kamara also
Posted by OldManHenry
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Posted on 2/23/24 at 4:58 pm to
Motion. Check out the top offenses in NFL in 2023. Motion is King as we know.

The Broncos were not a top offense.
The Saints will enter the new age.

I'm super optimistic
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Posted by atyellowish
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Posted on 2/25/24 at 11:00 pm to
Have you gathered insights from fellow fans or forums on their perspectives regarding Carr's style and the potential impact of the new OC? Community discussions often provide diverse viewpoints and can enrich your understanding of the team's dynamics.
Posted by iBack8569
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Posted on 2/26/24 at 7:41 am to
Kubiak will probably be utilizing his version of the Shanahan offense, which was first developed by their dads way back when. Wide Zone(Stretch) running scheme, playaction passing, moving pocket, a lot of shifting and motioning, and utilizing several athletes to move the ball. The scheme itself these days tends to be very simple, which allows QBs to pick up on it quickly. But, this is a double-edged sword. A lot of PA shot plays don't include a dump-off or short route in case of a rush or everyone covered downfield. A semi mobile QB is necessary to move the ball when a pass isn't open.

Payton's offense was/is a way more traditional NFL offense that comes from an era when most QBs were running West Coast offenses in college. Mostly inside zone, some gap concepts, static drop back passing, highlighting one or two guys(mostly the QB and either a WR or RB). Concepts can be extremely complicated for most QBs to memorize. I don't think any QB that has played in Payton's system had much success other than Brees. But, if a team does have a truly great QB that can process defenses quickly, Payton's system is absolutely lethal. Plus, Payton is a much better play-caller than Carmichael could ever hope to be.
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Posted by fwtex
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Posted on 2/26/24 at 10:15 am to
From what i have read about Shanahan/Kubiak offense, it is the same as what Payton ran from 20006-10. Payton's initial offense had lots of pre snap motion for the exact same purpose of identifying the defense and moving the defense to where you wanted them to move. Payton offense during that period ran multiple plays from the same alignment and personnel.
Posted by CRW
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Posted on 2/26/24 at 11:26 am to
The bad thing about a brand new offense is that it could take half the season for the players to become confortable
in it, which means losses early on.The Saints could be
looking at another 8 or 9 win season.
Posted by Marrero
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Posted on 2/27/24 at 5:27 am to
“ Payton offense during that period ran multiple plays from the same alignment and personnel.”

This never stopped they would say this over and over with evidence on TV until he left
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