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Re listened to the Lowe/ SVG podcast
Great podcast if you haven't already gave it a listen. SVG talks a lot about our need for overall defensive improvement and specifically on transition defense.

He also mentioned very briefly that we should listen to packages for Lonzo, Jrue, and JJ. I'm not sure if he wants Jrue to go anywhere considering the way he stressed defense and Jrue's abilities. He touched on the best skills for Lonzo and how he can play a "JJ role" in the half court and facilitator in transition.

If SVG is very serious about defense and protecting the basket then what are the actual chances he wants Lonzo, Jrue, and JJ all back?

I just can't see him talking about Lonzo's spot up game and playing the JJ role while keeping JJ and focusing on defense.

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re: Re listened to the Lowe/ SVG podcast
Man the more I keep reading about this guy, the more I get excited.

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re: Re listened to the Lowe/ SVG podcast
everyone really does need to listen to that podcast. SVG goes into a lot of his thoughts on improving the Pels and at the time he was simply a commentator.

My most notable clip was hearing him talk about Lonzo. Basically making him the primary ball-handler in transition, but a spot-up in the half-court. Even as someone who hasn't been shy expressing his frustration with Lonzo, this is something I am super intrigued to see

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re: Re listened to the Lowe/ SVG podcast
Yep, he also mentioned about having Ingram and Zion as your primary handlers in half court sets.

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re: Re listened to the Lowe/ SVG podcast
I actually like that a lot. Lonzo's passing can still be dangerous in that spot up role, whether it's making the extra pass to another shooter or finding a guy cutting to the bucket.

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