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Good article from BSS on Jrue's turnover problem


Holiday had a bad outing in his first game with a new team, and that rightly caused people to look closely at this performance, particularly in the area of turnovers. Turnovers alone do not tell the whole story of how effective or ineffective a passer is. Since a turnover is often the result of a pass attempt, or an interruption in a play where a pass to a scorer would have occurred, turnovers can be looked at as a cost that is paid as a part of being in the assist business. In business, a comparison of costs to benefits is the real measure of effectiveness, such as return on invested capital, so must assists be viewed with turnovers to get a complete picture.

Looking at Holiday’s passing numbers through three preseason games, his passing numbers through his career, and recent passing numbers of distributing guards, there is no reason to suspect that Holiday will put up significantly worse passing statistics than he has through his career. He has shown he can be quite effective, in fact. Additionally, Ryan showed that tidying up the pick and roll game will go a long way towards making reducing his turnovers while increasing his passing effectiveness, as opposed to just attempting fewer passes. This latter strategy would also be contrary to his solution: keep trying.

It would be nice for the TOV% to decrease and passing effectiveness to increase, as there is room for improvement. There’s just no need to panic at this time. There is more reason to believe that he will return not just to his mean performance, but to something better. How much better is somewhat up to Jrue, Monty, and luck.

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re: Good article from BSS on Jrue's turnover problem
Good article, lets hope Jrue can turn it around

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re: Good article from BSS on Jrue's turnover problem
this dude comes on here, tells us we are overreacting after one preseason game, and then writes an article on it. i dont get it
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re: Good article from BSS on Jrue's turnover problem
I agree with his conclusion.

My question would be how 42 accounts for the TOs that werent from passes. Holiday has had his pocket picked many times already. It's preseason, so whatever, but that is much more worrisome to me than some passing misfires.

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