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Let's play a Grateful Dead game...
So the song Truckin' was originally written with the expectations of writing new verses as time went on. But, as most know, once a song is written and people dig it, there isn't much you can change about it going forward. So it never continued.

I know we have some songwriters on here, myself not included. I thought it might be fun to get some folks to add new lines about cities across the US.


Hunter: This was written over a long period of time. And there were lots-I had a verse: "Once in a while the music gets into the street, fifty old ladies bug every cop on the beat, they're putting the lock on Lindley Meadow and Kezar, beginnin' to look like we can't play in the park." Yeah, that kind of stuff, had lots and lots of verses, I thought, we had all thought that we could keep adding to Truckin over the years, but the funny thing is, once you get it down, it is down. You don't go back, you don't revisit it.

Lyrics and Annotations by David Dodd

I don't have anything yet, but I'm thinking on it. Maybe someone with more skill than myself can get us started.

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