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re: Weak movie quotes.

i know what you're saying though, i have one group of friends who i know will catch any line i throw out then another group that i know will only know the basics. but sometimes i get mixed up and let one slip in the "basics" group and nobody catches it and shite just gets weird...

Yeah, I make very similar mistakes. It seems like most the guys on my wife's side of the family love movies, but they suck at the quotes, so I always know my audience with them. But most of my friends and family are more into quotes than they are movies. But sometimes I'll throw one out with my wifes cousins and get that look like you get from a dog when you try to show them a card trick.


my buddy had me rolling the other day. we were at pluckers and his wings were extra wet and he dropped one in his lap and threw out "HE PUT SO MUCH DAMN LACKER ON THE THING!" (meet the parents)

Oh, there is really nothing better than a well timed reuse of a quote. Especially when it's an under the radar one, and it hasn't been used in a long long time.

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re: Weak movie quotes.
Brick killed a guy

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