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re: The Place Beyond The Pines

Damn. It was intense and very interesting.

I really enjoyed it

dumb as shit, wtf was that garbage

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re: The Place Beyond The Pines

I hated him too, but i thought that was the point
well I don't know if it was the point

I found his accent to be over the top and completely out of place in the movie. Neither of his parents had a thick Brooklyn/long island accent so there is absolutely no reason for him to. He acted like a long island wanker.

He could have been a trouble maker and head case without all that guido bullshite

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re: The Place Beyond The Pines
First off it wasn't at all like I expected. They obviously sell you on one story in the trailers and then the actual movie is only partly comprised of that. Not a bad thing, just surprising.

I thought it was pretty cool (and obviously expectable the way everything was connected, but I thought they did it in a believable non-forced way.


I really liked Gosling's mechanic buddy, just some blue collar genuine good ole dude who happens to rob banks haha. I love people on the edge who still seem to have a bit of a moral code.

What do yal think was gonna happen with Cooper and that cop had he got out of the car in the woods?

I thought it was super interesting Mendez's son's relationship with his stepdad vs his mom. You always think about the child hating the stepparent, but in this case they were pretty close but he was bitter at his mom for not telling him anything about his father. That was one of the coolest, most interesting parts of the movie for me.

Definitely a good movie, a little overambitious IMO, but still good. That's a helluva timeline and a helluva lot of characters to balance and blend into a 2 hour film.

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re: The Place Beyond The Pines
I wanted to see it

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re: The Place Beyond The Pines
Just watched it and liked it very much. 3rd act didn't bother me much probably because I was expecting worse. Gosling and Cooper were both great.


I was very surprised they killed off Gosling so early. Previews had me thinking it was going to be a sort of cat and mouse type movie with Gosling and Cooper. Not disappointed, just surprised.


What do yal think was gonna happen with Cooper and that cop had he got out of the car in the woods?

This had me curious. I don't think the situation warranted Cooper being in serious danger but with those dirty cops I guess you never know.

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