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Spoilers in Netflix Menu
Anyone ever get big time spoilers when browsing through Netflix? Maybe it's just the device I'm using it on because the format isn't like this on every device...Watching it through my bluray player and whenever you finish an episode of a show, it shows a preview of the next episode with a plot summary and a thumbnail from the next episode. I'm watching Breaking Bad right now (middle of season 3), finish an episode, and the thumbnail of the next episode is

**Spoiler** <---Take note, Netflix

Jesse in a hospital bed with his face beat to a pulp. Wtf Netflix? I mean it's not a huge deal, but christ use some other picture for your thumbnail so I don't know a main character gets his arse beat. This isn't the first time either.

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re: Spoilers in Netflix Menu
I hate the Xbox 360 app's netflix program...

Sometimes I fall asleep watching Netflix in bed and about 2 or 3 shows go by before it stops autoplaying the next episode....I don't know why.

Maybe I just am hitting the wrong button, but I have to hit play from where I last left off before I can change to a different episode. Meaning, by the time I scroll to the episode I am on, which may take me a while depending on if I know what episode it is, I usually have to watch the recap from the previous episodes that I didn't see...

First world problems...I know.

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