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re: Boardwalk Empire, Season 3, Episode 28 (4): Blue Bell Boy
Finally got around to watching. Al Capone's scenes with his son are always tough to watch. I can't say I didn't enjoy seeing him annihilate O'Bannions guy. Mickey needs to go. Eli needs to get bumped.

I love Gyp as a character. I hate that he is adverse to Nucky big time, but his persona is awesome.

Roland Smith getting shot took me by surprise, but it is, as pointed out by others in this thread, really easy to foresee in the :30-:45 seconds before it happens.

Another awesome episode, can't wait until next weeks.

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re: Boardwalk Empire, Season 3, Episode 28 (4): Blue Bell Boy

Yeah, I think I'd edit that for the folks who don't know.

..Please do. I know a lot of this show is based on history, but I've purposely avoided brushing up on the details because I'd rather not spoil the show.

Anyway, great episode.
I enjoyed the previous dialogue between Nucky & Rothstein, so I hate to see Rothstein do business w/Gyp.
...but like the guy talking to Luciano said, "with Jews, it's just business." Seems like a little parallel that Rothstein would simply enter into a deal with Gyp b/c it makes business sense, without any concern for his prior relationship with Nucky.

Harrow's scene with Nucky may be setting the stage for Harrow's [potential] role in a war against Gyp.
Owen, Harrow, and Eli could all be important to Nucky if a war breaks out.

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