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America’s Got Talent Finale
I know this show is widely hated on here and mostly goes ignored but I thought I’d give my opinion.

I thought the only two good acts all night were Victory Brinker and the Tae Kwan Do.

The comedians were weak tonight, especially Gina, she was total garbage. I like Josh Blue but he won Last Comic Standing 15 years ago and has no business being on the show even.

The magician guy is corny and annoying constantly talking about how great his family is all the time.

The quick change just doesn’t seem original anymore and she’s not any better than the famous couple that does it.

The Aiden aerialist guy is nothing special, the absolute adoration for his mediocre act baffles me.

Brooke Simpson is ok but just another singer.

That Jimmy guy and his squeaky voice annoy me.

And finally…

God help us all if that nurses choir wins. You can find a choir just as good or better at any school or church in the country. Who gives a flipping shite if they are nurses? They’re not war heroes or something. It’s the constant circle jerks over garbage sob story sentimental acts that are the reason people don’t like the show.

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re: America’s Got Talent Finale
This show became unwatchable years ago. When a fricking dog act beat the Earth Harp guy, which is still the best act I've ever seen on a talent/variety competition show, I was out.

The family still watches it, though, and it's just one fake virtue signaling act after another, and the judges, of whom get paid like $15M+/yr, are nothing more than Twitter applause cheerleaders now instead of actual critics or advice givers.

The comedians are typically atrocious, too.

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re: America’s Got Talent Finale
Agree with everything you said, my exact thoughts.


The Aiden aerialist guy is nothing special, the absolute adoration for his mediocre act baffles me.

I guess they love the story of this kid. If you see just 5 minutes of his act, that's it. There willl be nothing more to it.

I could watch that TKD crew for an hour, they are really good.

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re: America’s Got Talent Finale
I was unfortunately in the room with in-laws while that atrocity against all taste and decency happened to be on. (They never turn their TV off)

There was a guy in a peacock suit screaming.

I guess they don't call it "the idiot box" for nothing.

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re: America’s Got Talent Finale

Victory Brinker

Is that the little girl that sings opera?

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