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re: Looks like Joe Brady is out

but I think he is getting ALOT of credit for Burrow, a guy who was already a 4 year player and a guy he didnt even work with on the field....

Exactly... Why i think he did the absolutely correct move for his career.

he most likely signed a long term big deal to pay him for some time. He'll always have the Burrow season and as we've seen with coaches, they bounce around a lot. So it's not like a bad time with Carolina will just completely have him out of coaching.

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re: Looks like Joe Brady is out

He just turned 30. I think it was an unnessarry risk considering lsu was offering 1 million a year, which is slightly higher than the avg nfl Coordinator salary.

Ehhh, I've seen LSU fans wanting Aranda fired this year, and this year went pretty well for LSU.

His job security in Carolina is probably at least two years with a new HC. There's no guarantee the goodwill at LSU lasts longer than that, and the bar was set pretty high this year.

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re: Looks like Joe Brady is out
To me, the most intriguing part of Brady to Carolina is he has to face the guy responsible for "his" offense twice a year. The Saints/Panthers games will be interesting to watch next year.

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