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Question for the ebay folks??
Do you ever find deals on ebay with buy it now and then you flip it for money?? I've done this many times. It blows my mind that a seller won't do a 5 minute search of sold items to see what stuff has sold for. I'm not talking $20 flips, I mean several hundred dollar flips.

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re: Question for the ebay folks??
Yes and also from stores that are closing items out.

Another good thing about eBay is if you have skills to repair broken items that people dump on there for next to nothing.

Check out r/flipping

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re: Question for the ebay folks??
The items I make the most on is when I visit my local Nike Outlet store, buy stuff super cheap, then flip for retail. Or buying from eBay when buyers improperly title listings, buy them cheap, then flip them with a proper title for profit. A lot of quick cash can be made on there, especially with apparel and shoes.

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re: Question for the ebay folks??
I flip appliances as a side money thing. I can find broken dryers for free put a $20 part in them and sell for $150.

easy stuff too.
I sell parts on ebay as well.

But never really buy anything to flip except parts I buy to sell at a profit.

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