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re: NCAA finds high-level recruiting violations at Georgia Tech

It's all coming down. It's been fun enjoying college sports, it's about to all burn in hell now...
Just wait until the DOJ ties all these investigations to negligince on the part of the NCAA.

The NCAA itself is the target. Who knows why... a real concern over the corruption? Power grab and it ends being under the purview of a federal judge? Doesn't matter.

But before the DOJ gets their teeth too far into the NCAA is going to go scorched earth in trying to show "hey, see... we ARE enforcing the rules". LSU's scorched earth will pale in comparison.

That's what is coming. It is happening now. It will be in fits and starts, sometimes creeping forward sometimes coming in what looks like lava bombs.

But with all the money flowing through the NCAA and the corruption that envelopes that money like some sort of amoeba, the DOJ is going to treat the NCAA like a mob family. You know it is in full swing when you hear about "fruit bowls" full of cash waiting on NCAA officials in their hotel rooms during bowl season. The DOJ will fight this on two fronts- media and courts. Strategic leaks and transcripts. When the juicy stories come out, the indictments will soon follow.

Individuals and organizations (i.e. schools) are hoarding boat loads of cash, some of it federal dollars, while the NCAA serves as the ringleader with reasonable knowledge that rules are being broken and not making good faith efforts to stop it (and I'm not talking recruiting violations here- bribery and fraud). This will end up being a RICO case with the NCAA being a conspirator in all of them.

But they are going to pour it on to save themselves over the next 2 years. Maybe less. DOJ seems to have a planned and determined strategy here.

Here's the sad thing; it's best to be one of the early ones. You don't want to be the one in the cross-hairs later on when they are in survival mode. Our admin, with a little foresight could team with the DOJ and be on the winning side. Instead, our admin is teaming with the eventual loser with amazing shortsightedness to make an example of one of their own that isn't even a icicle in the list of crimes... yes- crimes, not violations... that is the iceberg that the DOJ wants to tackle.
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re: NCAA finds high-level recruiting violations at Georgia Tech
Good post.

It will take enforcement at the federal level to truly break the racquet up.

Duke sits with 3 of the top picks in the draft on their roster.. and Georgia Tech gets pounced on.

Remember what the slime Coach K said when asked about this issue, "It's just a BLIP".

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re: NCAA finds high-level recruiting violations at Georgia Tech
Coach K would look good in orange.

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