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re: Fans in Tiger Stadium
The only person dumber than a chick that doesn't bring a jacket is the guy that doesn't bring a jacket for the chick that doesn't bring a jacket.

Seriously, I got so much tail in college over extra jackets and extra umbrellas.

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re: Fans in Tiger Stadium
Most seem to agree that traffic is the major problem and most of the blame lies on the shoulders of those directing the traffic. Why else would 2 lanes of traffic flowing in the same direction come to a halt? Idiots standing at the intersections allowing traffic to cross the intersection. So you let 10 cross and hold up hundreds, stop the flow! Keep the main outbound flowing and you eliminate the backup.
Then of course, there are those that are leaning against the telephone post to make sure they don't fall into the street. This has got to be a major problem, so many are involved in this part of the operation.
I suggest the crack BR police hold traffic directing class, make them accountable, actually use the expensive radios that you see hanging from each of their shoulder to communicate with one another.
Then people might be more inclined to stay longer, enjoy the whole game, not sit in traffic for 2 hrs!
See, solutions are possible!
Next problem

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re: Fans in Tiger Stadium

I'm sure your aunt is quite proud of your excuses for posting pics of her son on this website for exploitation purposes

You guys demanded I provide a pic as proof.

I did, and now you are mad that I did.

And back to what you said in my sig quote. I'm pretty sure he could take you.
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re: Fans in Tiger Stadium

well I for one just drove home from denver my wife pick pick me up from the car rental and right to the game 19 hrs than to top all that off . I have 5 season tickets and had to eat 3 could not even give them away finlly just gsve them to a kid selling programs.ask one gay if he wanted them he said were i said 410 man said no thanks side line only anouther lady said no I want club level .

Say what?

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