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The Two Week Wrapup October/November 19-1
*I apologize for not putting this out weekly like I used to, I have just been busy*

Top 15-11

2022 5/4* WR/ATH Kevin Coleman
Schools: LSU, Purdue, Oregon, Auburn, Bama, USC, Arizona State, Florida State, Penn State, Notre Dame, Georgia, Miami, and Texas.
Measurements: 5'11" 170 lbs
Kevin Coleman 24/7
Kevin Coleman Rivals

2022 4* WR/TE Jaleel Skinner
Schools: LSU, Clemson, SCAR, Tennessee, Michigan, Oregon, Florida State, Florida, Miami, Virginia Tech, Georgia, Auburn.
Measurements: 6'5" 210 lbs
CB: 100% Clemson(3)
Jaleel Skinner 24/7
Jaleel Skinner Rivals

Top 10-6

5/4* 2022 RB Emmanuel Henderson
Schools: LSU, Auburn, SCAR, Clemson, Tennessee, Mississippi State, USC, Georgia, Bama, and Florida.
Measurements: 6'1" 185 lbs
CB: 100g Auburn(1)
Emmanuel Henderson 24/7
Emmanuel Henderson Rivals

4* RB Donovan Edwards
Schools: LSU, Michigan, Penn State, Bama, OU, Georgia, and Notre Dame.
Measurements: 5'11" 190 lbs
CB: 90% Michigan(9) 10% Undecided(1)
Donovan Edwards 24/7
Donovan Edwards Rivals

Top 5-2


5* S Sage Ryan
School: LSU
Measurements: 5'11" 193 lbs
Sage Ryan 24/7
Sage Ryan Rivals
Family Hug

3* S Matthew Langlois
School: Lsu
Measurements: 6'0" 185 lbs
Matthew Langlois 24/7
Matthew Langlois Rivals

3/4 * WR/TE Jack Bech
School: LSU
Measurements: 6'2" 215 lbs
Jack Bech 24/7
Jack Bech Rivals


Siaki Ika(LSU) <<< ?
Siaki Ika enters transfer portal

Dont'e Thornton >>> Oregon
D.T 24/7
Kamari Lassiter >>> Georgia
K.L 24/7
Jeremiah Williams >>> Florida
J.W 24/7
Tyrion Ingram-Dawkins >>> Georgia
T.I-D 24/7
Billy Bowman Jr >>> OU
B.B.Jr 24/7
Gaquincy Mckinstry >>> Bama
G.M 24/7
Deyon Bouie >>> Georgia
D.B 24/7
Quinn Ewers <<< Texas
Q.E 24/7
Jeremiah Alexander <<< Bama
J.A 24/7
Phaizon Wilson <<< Texas
P.W 24/7


Tristan Leigh: Fong gives OU the CB with a confidence of 3 as well as many futurcasts being out in for OU, but he did not visit OSU so that likely takes them out of the running.

Shemar Stewart: Fong puts in a CB to LSU with a confidence level of 6.

Xavian Sorey: He will commit soon, Georgia likely the landing spot.

Derrick Davis Jr: Penn State fans starting to become pessimistic after his visit to LSU and OSU, could be something to watch, he announces Sunday.

Smael Mondon: He is going to commit November 18th, he will choose between Georgia, LSU, Auburn, Florida, and Tennessee.

Brian Thomas Jr: A&M has supposedly made a move for him and LSU appears to be running third as of now, however his interest has started to go back up after watching TMJ.

Nyland Green: CB to Georgia

Domani Jackson, Quinn Ewers, Caleb Burton, Xavier Nwankpa: All have received atleast 1 CB to OSU with most receiving multiple.

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re: The Two Week Wrapup October/November 19-1
Them online classes leave you a lot of time huh. Thanks for the info.

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re: The Two Week Wrapup October/November 19-1
Inschool combined with football combined with whatever else im doing leaves alot of time

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re: The Two Week Wrapup October/November 19-1

*I apologize for not putting this out weekly like I used to, I have just been busy*


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re: The Two Week Wrapup October/November 19-1
I'm giving you an A++

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