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Budget pool vacuum

Posted on 2/20/24 at 10:56 am
Posted by CarRamrod
Spurbury, VT
Member since Dec 2006
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Posted on 2/20/24 at 10:56 am
I bought a Dolphin active 30i bac pre covid and it worked great for 1.75 years. Right before the warranty was up the motor crapped out, and i went through their replace process. Well they sent me a replacement but changed out my cord and box, and it has been shitty ever since.

Whats everyone using nowadays. I dont want to drop another 1k.
Posted by keakar
Member since Jan 2017
29772 posts
Posted on 2/20/24 at 2:17 pm to
look around at ebay and see what they have and read all the reviews to get an idea if its worth trying. they have all the different versions of the new dolphins you can look at, i think the highest price was $999

if you want to avoid the dolphins, that will give you a chance to see the most bought brands and the reviews on them, as well as let you pick a price range you like.

Posted by PHNBK
Member since Nov 2020
143 posts
Posted on 2/20/24 at 4:09 pm to
I'm in the same boat. My active 20 just croaked. I think i will be going back to the polaris. I never cared for the dolphin.
Posted by Skippy1013
Lafayette, La
Member since Oct 2017
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Posted on 2/20/24 at 5:53 pm to
I have had a Dolphin and a Polaris. The Polaris performs better, but is terribly unreliable, breaks down every few months. Dolphin is more reliable, but its performance is inadequate at times.

This said, the Dolphin priced from $850 to $1100 seems to be the ones to go with.
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