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Technology board...was it ever genuinely considered?
Persistent requests have been made for a Tech board for well over the past year, none of which received any formal acknowledgement.

As such, it's my assumption that the possibility of this board becoming a reality has been dismissed. However, I'm curious to know if there were any substantive discussions that took place on the possibility of a board like this becoming a reality.

(I had actually compiled some data regarding the frequency of tech posts as I have done in the past. It hasn't seemed to have much of a persuasive effect in the past, especially on those who could effect such changes, despite the potency of the results. For those interested, though, here is an imgur album displaying all tech threads from the past two weeks (1/9/13 - /123/13). There were over 115 tech threads produced on the OT alone. For more detail, click the gear icon on the top right of each image and then select "view in full resolution".)

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re: Technology board...was it ever genuinely considered?
Boards are getting too watered down as it is

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re: Technology board...was it ever genuinely considered?
I believe that you may have actually asked and answered all of your own questions.

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