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Sort of legal question with HOA of a rental property
Quick back story... I have a rental in a townhome "community" so a HOA is almost impossible to avoid. Anyway, this past annual meeting, the board decided to replace one of the back wooden fences of one of the buildings. The one they replaced happened to run along the back of the building where my unit is located. Over the past 15 years or so, most of the units in the building had put gates into the fence for easy access to the back of the building (to make walking to the local businesses easier). The new gate they built a few months ago pretty much meant all the gates were no longer there. Now, each unit walks out to the back patio to not a regular fence, but one that is now 8 feet high. It makes the back patio feel like a prison cell.

Question is, can they refuse to allow a gate to be created in the fence? My tenant brought up a good point as it is a possible fire hazard, especially with the fence being so tall now. I know that being on the outside of the unit, approval of any changes is necessary, but one that could be a possible hazard, I do not know.

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re: Sort of legal question with HOA of a rental property
this board isn't really for help fyi. better off trying this on the money talk board.

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re: Sort of legal question with HOA of a rental property
Jesus Christ

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