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re: WFDT
Vermicelli bowls are usually served with a light fish sauce similar to what LL mentioned. Google “Vietnamese vermicelli bowl” and if there’s a sauce next to the bowl, it’s some variation of the fish sauce. I think the restaurant screwed up by not giving it to you. The chile garlic is suppose to be mixed with the fish sauce and then poured onto the dish. That’s why when I saw the middle sauce, i said “why are they giving her peanut sauce?”. That sauce is reserved for spring rolls. The only place on the planet that pours some version of peanut sauce on vermicelli bowl is Da Nang. I know because my wife is from there and when I first saw her pour it ...”The horror! The horror”.

BTW, if you use straight Red Boat fish sauce, you will ruin the dish. Better not mess with it.

Now, I hope 5 month old can let me sleep.

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re: WFDT
I hope the five month old let you sleep!

Don’t blame the restaurant, blame me. The only sauce that came with the meal was the one on the right, which is undescribed on the menu app, but after Googling sauces that go with Vietnamese food, I’m guessing that might’ve been a fish sauce. There were add-ons available and I chose the peanut sauce and the chile sauce. No instructions and I’m flying blind on what goes with.


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