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re: Eating oysters “out of season”

Tend to chargrill more in the summer

That's what oysters are for anyway

Grilling is good, but it really masks the true flavor of the oyster. Given a choice of raw on the half shell or grilled, I'm opting for raw on the half shell.

Nothing like good, cold, fat, salty oysters freshly shucked and washed down with a cold bottle of beer.

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re: Eating oysters “out of season”
You referring to raw or cooked?

If RAW, it depends on where the oysters are harvested. Upper & Mid-Atlantic as well as East Coast oysters generally thrive in cooler water than gulf oysters so they remain plump and palatable when served raw.

Most oyster farms & fisheries will get shut down if pathogenic activity is too high so I don't worry too much about eating contaminated oysters.

As long as the oysters are packed, shipped, and stored correctly, the chances of infection are greatly reduced.

Only about 40 people die every year from vibrio so, I like my chances.

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