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Blasts from the past - what’s in your Amazon order history?
Posting your very first Amazon purchase is a thing now, according to the internets. If you’re old like me, you got started on Amazon when they were mainly a bookseller competing with Waldenbooks at the mall. Looking back at my first purchases (2000-2001) reminded me of some great books I’d almost forgotten:

A Secret History: The Book Of Ash, by Mary Gentle. This was a great series, an alternate history of the Carthagenian era. I think this was my first alternate history, and my mind was blown. Don’t know if Gentle did anything else, but I loved this series back in the day.

To Reign in Hell: A Novel, by Stephen Brust. This was a Brusts 2nd book, before he took off with the Vlad Taltos series. Remember liking it, but forgot the details. Ripe for a re-read.

Anyone else have some gems in your ancient Amazon history?
Anything you’re ashamed of? (I’ve got a couple James Pattersons in there).

Also, I miss Waldenbooks.

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