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This "I am a voter" commercial crap is so annoying
SIAP, but man, I'm annoyed with these commercials. It's such a blatant "go out and vote for Biden" campaign. They won't say it. It's even worse than "vote or die" when they were trying to get GW out of office. Republicans don't do this shite.

They should say, "go out and vote, unless you're a Trump supporter."

frick this political climate.
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re: This "I am a voter" commercial crap is so annoying
The fact is they think that anyone that voted for Trump is a fringe lunatic and their side was simply complacent in the last election. I’ve heard non-stop “vote in your best interest.” Well in a recent gallop poll, 56% of Americans say that they’re better off now than they were 4 years ago, so going by that it makes sense that Trump should receive 56% of the vote. So yeah, go ahead and vote in your best interest, I just don’t think the best interest is what the Hollywood and media elites have in mind.

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re: This "I am a voter" commercial crap is so annoying

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re: This "I am a voter" commercial crap is so annoying
I'm not sure how effective it is, really.

My liberal black coworker who I've debated with about politics for the better part of a decade... just two weeks ago I said "Ok man, I'm just trying to tell you what MSNBC won't tell you. You're still obviously going to vote for Biden no matter what and I'm damn sure not voting for anybody other than President Trump, so let's agree to disagree."

His response shocked me...

"Man I don't vote. I'm a black man in America and my vote don't mean shite. I haven't ever voted". He's over 50. Never voted but bitches about America constantly.

I spent a decade pulling my hair out, debunking this guy's every MSDNC conspiracy and lie... and the fricker doesn't even vote. Never wasting my time talking politics with him again.

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