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re: Heading to Iceland

Posted on 9/21/23 at 7:14 am to
Posted by Tacktheritrix
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What range of budget should I anticipate for flights

So my flights were about 1100 dollars per person, I bought upgraded seats, my legs are way too long to sit in economy.


daily lodging

My air bnb split between 3 people for 5 days was 1500$ total/or 500$ each. About 100$ a night. Nothing fancy just an apartment middle of downtown but is walking distance from a good bit of things.


daily rental car

Rental car cost about 120$/day

So total for my wife and I to go was about 4,000$ for 5 days. We also are going to a few other places after Iceland.
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On top of that you're going to need waterproof pants.

This, for sure. My Blundstones worked well for footwear, although not insulated.
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Clothing choice is very important in Iceland.

Do you have any preferred clothing brands?

Thanks for the information as well! I will make sure the wife is appropriately packed. Looking like it's going to be either raining or snowing with some heavy winds the whole time we are there. Any more tips are appreciated!
Posted by 45acp
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Just got back, first and last nights in Reykjavic, the rest of the time on the south coast, wish i'd had a few more days.

temps were in the low 30s most of the time, though they creeped up into the 40s on Sunday when driving back from the south coast. As has been stated earlier, dressing to stay dry is the important thing.

Waterproof hiking shoes/boots, wool socks, Eddie Bauer hiking pants, wool base layer top, full zip fleece, rain jacket, wool neck gaiter, light running gloves, toboggan got me thru most days. pack a puffy jacket as well.

Be forewarned, when we landed we had to disembark on a staircar and board a bus in the cold pouring rain, and the walk to the rental car shuttle was across a parking lot in the pouring rain as well.

Posted by CAD703X
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Posted on 10/20/23 at 10:04 am to
if you're single, decent looking and have blonde hair & blue eyes you'll have to beat the women off with a stick.

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