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Wereworld series by Curtis Jobling
Quick setup: A world in which lycanthropes rule. It's a political game between werewolves, werelions, werebears and such. Cool concept.

Anyone else read these? I bought Rage of the Lions as a closeout sale in a bookstore about 6 years back. It was a whim buy based on the cover and concept, and I figured why not. I saw it was book 2 in a series, so I bought book 1 to give it a whirl.

I was severely unimpressed. It was amateurishly written and full of cliche plot points, but it was an intriguing idea and a neat world. Here I am 6 years later with no books to read, so I grabbed Rage of Lions just to pass some time.

I am now 3/4 through it and am finding this far superior to the first book. Is it great? Not at all. But it is fun, and the writing is vastly improved. Jobling still relies on too many overused tropes to tell his story, but it's not nearly as annoying as the first.

I am actually looking forward to finishing this and moving on to the rest of the series. If you want something simple and fun, then this may be a good series to try. He does throw enough political intrigue into it to keep it complex and interesting, but he doesn't bog it down like other deep and more complex reads.

Don't expect anything too much and you may enjoy it.

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