The Pittsburgh Penguins all-world superstar Sidney Crosby admitted today that he had setbacks, like headaches and other symptoms, during his long recovery from a concussion hit he received from then-Washington Capitals forward David Steckel during the Winter Classic.

"I started trying to ramp things up a bit as far as working out and skating, and I got a little bit of symptoms," Crosby said. "So, I had to take a step back. The progression had gone pretty well, but at the same time, I still wasn't ready."
Pittsburgh was eliminated from the playoffs this past week. But Crosby's future looks ok says Penguins GM Ray Shero...

"Dr. [Michael] Collins expects a full recovery. It's just a matter of time with this injury," Shero said. "I'm not concerned with it. With the season ending, it's disappointing, but from Sid's standpoint, the pressure and the question about when he'll come back goes away. Now he can go back to healing and feeling good about himself."
The kid is only 23 years-old and could be one of the greatest players to ever play the game. Hope he gets back on the ice for hockey's sake.
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