During Thursday night’s Bruins vs. Avalanche game, NESN reporter Sarah Davis had this unfortunate slip up when reporting about defenseman Dennis Seidenberg's herniated disc...


I mix those things up myself all the time.
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TJGator121599 months
I'd let her give me a hernia. Oh yeahhhhh
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SamGinn Cam100 months
And that's the way the pussy crumbles
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DollaChoppa100 months
This is so sexist. There would be outrage and the reporter wouldve been fired had it been a male reporter that said herniated pussy
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GeauxToBed100 months
That's a Freudian slip if I ever heard one.
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GEAUXTIGER23100 months
How does one herniate a dick?
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pellietigersaint100 months
wonder whats on her mind........
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