New Jersey Devils associate coach Andrew Brunette was arrested and charged with DUI earlier this year while driving a golf cart home from the bar blocks from his home. The video has now surfaced and the officer involved has the voice that should be hosting a true crime podcast. Warning: language NSFW...
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gpttigers12 months
Stupid. How many people do golf carts kill a year? Jack arse cops.
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RoyalAir12 months
Atlanta Thrashers legend Andrew Brunette.
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TyOconner12 months
Yea that’s pathetic. Should have brought the guy home.
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WorkinDawg12 months
It shouldn’t be a DUI driving a golf cart. Only person he can hurt is himself. These cops should put their attention elsewhere.
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ALhunter12 months
Kids getting shot in a school... crickets from cops... guy rolls a stop sign in a GOLF CART a block from his house... 3 cops on scene... "you frickin fight me you're gonna frickin regret it". No wonder people have no respect for law enforcement anymore.

There's so much crime, lawlessness and open cases in NJ yet these guys are out here busting a guy in a damn golf cart. What a joke.
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