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Former Miami Dolphin Richie Incognito was seen last night leaving a Hollywood night club with 5 girls getting into his car. You can watch the video here. Per TMZ...

...the 5 ladies from Wisconsin who were clearly interested in spending some private time with the embattled football star.

The girls all piled into his waiting ride ... but got out after only a few minutes. They hinted they were gonna meet up with Richie later in the evening.

But the best part ... when we asked the girls if Richie could be considered a good role model -- one of the ladies shot back -- "NO!! Because we are 18-years-old!"
This dude is a mess.
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SoulGlo120 months
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bherm1988120 months
Wish that was me just so I could beat the living shite out of prick of a cameraman. Give him the shot of his life.
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prisonpunk120 months
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Biff Tannen120 months
congrats on leaving a bar with five OT4's
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colorchangintiger120 months
A mess....or a man that can afford 5 women at the same time?
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