Tom Brady Posts A Pic Of Him Riding A Colt On Facebook
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports
Glad to see his having fun. Patriots QB Tom Brady posted this photo of himself, riding a blue colt while throwing a football, to his Facebook page Monday, with a simple...

"Six days"

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DollaChoppa109 months
I wish the pic the article about wouldve been the preview pic.

Gotta get the clicks dont you?
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AnonymousTiger110 months
His marriage has to be a front cause this guy is seriously gay.
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Hugo Stiglitz110 months
Jesus Christ Larry, lay off the sauce.
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FT110 months
"Tom Brady posted this photo of himself riding a blue colt while throwing a football to his Facebook page on Monday"

Here comes Larry, with his misplaced modifiers. Who the frick throws a football to their Facebook page?
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