The Houston Texans are giving their fans a chance to sever ties with their former QB Deshaun Watson once and for all, announcing a jersey exchange program that will allow people to ditch their old #4 unis for other players...

Houston CEO Cal McNair announced the event Monday morning ... explaining that for just this week, Texans supporters can swap their Watson jerseys at the NRG Stadium team store for a new set of threads at a steep discount.

McNair and the Texans never mention Watson by name in promoting the swap -- but they made it very apparent the whole thing stems from fans clamoring for a way to dispose of the #4 attire.

The photo the team used for the flier contains a #4 jersey. The discount on the new jersey is 44%. And, in the caption on McNair's video, one fan points out it's looking to get rid of the jersey of "one particular player."

Technically, the Texans say any player the team acquired from 2017 to 2021 is eligible for the promotion ... but check out the list of names -- it's clear Watson is the only jersey people are jumping through these hoops for.
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