When you run onto the field during a game, all bets are off. Security didn't care how old this boy was who ran onto the field during yesterday's Bucs vs. Falcons game, they took him down with authority...
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A spokesperson for the Tampa Police Dept. tells TMZ Sports the boy was issued a civil citation, given notice to appear in court ... and then released.
(TMZ Sports)
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atltiger648721 months
sorry, but anyone who runs on the field like this deserves what they get. This is happening too often nowadays and there needs to be a strong deterrent. They need to be charged and hit with a heavy fine. I have no sympathy for these folks.
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cajunmud21 months
I think these folks are just fishing for lawsuits now.
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SomeLSUguy21 months
A Florida Man... thats who lets their kid run on the field and get clobbered by a security guard
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Thracken1321 months
looks like the security guy was a Goldburg Fan - he speared the shite out of the kid - surprised Brady didn't bitch for a flag to be thrown, kid got hit harder than he did ont he sack.
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John Gotti21 months
This happened right in front of us and it looked painful. I thought the kid was knocked unconscious - he didn't appear to move for a bit.
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valpeaux21 months
Comment of the day. Brady's a diva of divas.
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