Seahawks Challenge Texas Punter Michael Dickson To Staring Contest At Combine
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Texas' Michael Dickson was this year's top punter averaging 47.4 yards per attempt. When you think of it, I guess there aren't many things a punter can show off at the NFL Combine other than, well, kicking. But the Seahawks thought of something else to challenge Dickson with...a staring contest...

“I mean I had to do a staring contest and I had to see how long I could stare without blinking,’’ Dickson said. “I had a couple of attempts. I tried a few techniques, looking away from the light, trying to block any sort of wind coming into the eyes. That was a weird process.”

“The first time I did terrible,’’ Dickson said. “I only lasted for 14 seconds, but my third time I had figured out a technique to look around the room just to get your eyes a little watery, I guess.”

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