Broncos QB Peyton Manning met wrestling legend Hulk Hogan over the weekend. This is America at its finest...
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This song sums it up perfectly...

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musick107 months
Does Larry just shite out topic names into a hat and pick them?
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Mulerider107 months
I didn't now Manning was 7 foot tall. All of these years the WWE was telling us Hulk was 6'9"!
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Eltegray107 months
telling Peyton to "takes your vitamins and say your prayers, brother!"
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Navytiger74107 months
lol. Hulk Hogan is like 60 something, and I'm still 100% sure he'd whip my arse within a matter of seconds.

Like a medical care needed beatdown.
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OleRockyTop107 months
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Dignan107 months
"I am a real American."
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EddieHewitt107 months
Peyton Manning is wearing Larry's jeans.
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Mouth107 months
for God's sake, Larry
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