New England Patriots out here on opening night still trolling the Atlanta Falcons from last year's Super Bowl with that third quarter score. Look closely...
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JackieTreehorn78 months
Such an Auburn thing to do.
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T78 months
That picture was taken during the rehearsal for the pregame ceremony. During the ceremony they talked about the time and score when it started. Don't think there was any trolling going on.
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UGATiger2678 months
It's understandable for other teams and fans to rub it in. But coming from the Pats, it just seems really petty and juvenile, like a 16-year-old is running things. Whatever happened to being humble in victory and gracious in defeat?
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DoubleDown78 months
I actually lost respect for the Pats after this to be honest. If their fans want to chant it our laugh about it, cool. But the Patriots have always seemed "above" this level of troll. Now they seem to be slipping and it seemed beneath them.
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NYCAuburn78 months
Probably should have let that troll go, Pats...
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DragginFly78 months
Kansas City's says "42 - 27".
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