The Cowboys were throwing punches at one another over the weekend. On Monday, New York Giants offensive tackle Justin Pugh and defensive end Damontre Moore were throwing down at camp...


Coach Tom Coughlin wasn't happy about this...

“I have a problem with all of them because they’re out there swinging,” Coughlin said of his aversion to fights. “I’ve been hurt first-hand by a guy who broke his hand in a fight. In the old days they would just wrap it up and play with it. They don’t do that anymore. I was upset about the fight and losing their temper and all that stuff, but the bottom line is you can’t afford to do it. You’ll lose a guy.”
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ThreauxDown11105 months
I fought almost every day of fall camp. It's competition out there. If you aren't angry at something you're doing it wrong imo. I'm completely fine with fights during camp. Shows passion and it's not like these dudes aren't going to play well together bc of a few punches in camp. It's hot ur adrenaline and testosterone is flowing. U gotta kick a little
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roguetiger15105 months
uppercut to the
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Grit-Eating Shin105 months
Nice uppercut by 67!
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