The Patriots parted ways with defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth Tuesday. Well, Hall of Famer Warren Sapp couldn't resist telling how he really felt about Hanyesworth...

"If anybody can, [Belichick] can," "The last thing you want to do is show up and be a turd that Belichick cuts. But that's what he was."

"Who picked Leigh Bodden up?" Sapp said of the former Patriots cornerback who hasn't been signed since getting released two weeks ago. "That's normally what happens. When the genius and the master says you're no good, the league always says, 'I agree with you.' A hundred million dollars couldn't motivate you, and neither could Bill Belichick. Who wants this challenge?"

"A lazy guy playing the motor, defensive tackle position, and now you're the standard?" Sapp said. "It just didn't go together for me. I don't remember this guy playing like this, except when it was time to collect the contract. Don't go to his contract year. Go two years before the contract. Go three years before. He was a two-and-a-half sack guy for five years. You don't wake up and all of a sudden become the most dominant defender in the game. It doesn't happen overnight. But for some reason, for that guy, it did. I don't know if it was [former Titans head coach] Jeff Fisher's influence or [former Titans defensive line coach Jim] Washburn, but all of a sudden Haynesworth is the new Reggie White. I'm like, hold on a second. He went to Tennessee and wore No. 92. That's it. I don't want to hear this anymore."
There's more of Sapp talking about him over at It's an interesting read as he continues to destroy the guy.
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