According to David Purdum of ESPN Chalk, "a second wave of potential violations" of the NFL's gambling policy is currently being investigated. Last month four members of the Detroit Lions including WR Jameson Williams were suspended for placing general sports bets, though not on NFL games...
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ncinthenext311 months
From what we saw last season the players werren't the only ones betting. So were some refs.
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Tiger Ike11 months
But yet the nfl continues to rig playoff games and super bowls.
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KennabraTiger11 months
So, Alabama guys
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cajunmud11 months
Some serious Big Brother monitoring now. I placed a bet in 2005...looked up a site...send em money from my debit card. No problem.

Placed a bet in 2023, I gotta have my location "verified" (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't) can't use a VPN. It's just more of if you happen to win big they know where to send the IRS after you. Some commie shite, no doubt!
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