Back in 1997 Miami (OH) changed their name from the Redskins to the RedHawks. After hearing the news of the US Patent and Trademark office ruling that the Washington Redskins no longer have trademark protection on their name because it has been deemed “disparaging to Native Americans,” they jumped on Twitter offering a little help...
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TigerB8120 months
This is ridiculous. bunch of ambulance chasing, sympathy demanding pussies simply wanting something to bitch about so they can be in the spotlight. What will there be to whine about when this name is changed. This is an example of how pathetically mismanaged the judicial system has become with this patent office ruling. Who gives a rats arse? Can we not find anything else more pressing or important to spend government resources on? Seriously? Resksins is offensive? What a's a 200 year old term thats not relevant anymore.
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Bestbank Tiger120 months
Anyone who trolls Dan Snyder is good in my book.
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JumpingTheShark120 months
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runningTiger120 months
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