Mark Sanchez Doesn't Want You To See Him Sing Backstreet Boys
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Eagles QB Mark Sanchez seems like a fun guy, but it doesn't look like he wants any evidence of that. On Tuesday night he snatched this dude's phone after noticing he was recording him singing some Backstreet Boys karaoke in Phlly. Check it out...


The guy who took the video explained what happened...

So I'm going to the bathroom, and...Mark Sanchez is singing... He pulls me over...and we're singing, as you can see in the video, we're singing the Backstreet Boys song. ... So I pull my phone out like "Oh my God, this is a Kodak moment. Let me get this phone out." ... He snatched the phone out of my hand!
(Per Bleacher Report)
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Hugo Stiglitz105 months
I'm sure it had more to do with Sanchez being completely shitfaced than singing Backstreet Boys.
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