LeSean McCoy Allegedly Assaulted Two Off-Duty Philly Police Officers
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports
Buffalo Bills RB LeSean McCoy is under investigation for allegedly assaulting two off-duty police officers at a Philadelphia club at 2:30 am on Sunday in an establishment called the Recess Lounge. McCoy and one of his buddies put these two officers in the hospital, but have not yet been arrested. Check out the police report...

Per Gonzalez...

According to the police report, there was “a dispute over the purchase of champagne” between the men when “[former NFL running back Curtis Brinkley] grabbed the bottle.” That touched off an altercation, according to the report. A law enforcement official told that two of the officers suffered broken ribs.
No bueno.

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Did they identity themselves while trying to handle a situation that got out of hand? If not, so what they are PD if they're off duty. They're just ordinary dudes hanging out.
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Off duty PD hanging in packs at bars/clubs are the absolute worst. They are equal to the roid ragers
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