Johnny Manziel doesn't seem to have a lot of people left in his corner rooting for him right now, but former Ohio State RB Maurice Clarett is. The former troubled college star knows what it's like...

I'm personally rooting for Him. I know what it's like to be dragged through the mud and to be confused and stressed through it all. It's mentally and emotionally draining. No one can tell you how to be famous or how to manage attention, notoriety and the spotlight. Drinking and drugging is often a temporary escape. This isn't just about him. It's lots of ppl who go through what he goes through but they don't have to live with the public ridicule. I've been through it. He's just expressing himself right now. I believe he just needs some alone time and personal development. Football isn't important. He's mentally unhealthy and needs more encouragement than ridicule..... Accept responsibility, find out what needs to be improved and grow.

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NYCAuburn96 months
"I know what it's like to be dragged through the mud" reality is a bitch, Maurice
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GaTiger2796 months
@JFF and @ MoClarett, You're not even a has been, you're a never was - Mighty Ducks
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BobABooey96 months
Wait - is Johnny Manziel having some sort of difficulties?
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PhifeDogg96 months
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