Cardinals' Bruce Arians Calls Out Patrick Peterson About Trash Talk.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Cardinals DB Patrick Peterson said he wanted Falcons WR Julio Jones one-on-one when the two teams met on Sunday. Unfortunately, Peterson ended up allowing 10 receptions and a career-high 189 yards in a 29-18 loss to Atlanta. During his post-game presser Arizona head coach Bruce Arians said he doesn’t mind Peterson talking trash, but he needs to “back up the talk.”...

“You better watch out when you call people out,” “You better be ready to play. If you’re going to call them out, call them out but don’t give up (10) and a career day.”
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DeadStroke111 months
And the coach should do his job also during the game. Like throwing the red flag on a 41 yard completion to Julio when he was obviously out of bounds.
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Mie2cents111 months
Why is Peterson talking trash anyway? Everybody knows he's the real deal. We don't need another Sherman. I guess it's THEIR culture.
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theBru111 months
Trying to keep up with the Shermans aint always a good to keep one's mouth shut and just play the game...
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utstnx111 months
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TOKEN111 months
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