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ESPN is reporting that Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett has been fined and suspended for conduct detrimental to the team after being involved in a fight at practice Monday and body slamming rookie cornerback Kyle Fuller.

Bears General Manager Phil Emery announced the news on Tuesday but did not specify the length of the suspension nor disclose the amount of the fine.

Bennett's dustup with Fuller took place during Monday's practice after a routine play in which the first-round draft pick attempted to strip the ball loose after the tight end made a reception.

While attempting to force a fumble, Fuller grabbed near the chest area of Bennett's shoulder pads and pulled him to the ground. Bennett rose to his feet, walked toward Fuller and pushed him, before bodyslamming the rookie to the ground.

The fracas required several players to break up and led coach Marc Trestman to end practice earlier than scheduled.
Here is video of the incident:

Here is what Bennett had to say about the fight.

"Everybody talks about friendships, but really we are all preparing to win a championship," Bennett said. "If we make friends along the way, cool. But I'm just trying to help the Bears win a championship and do the job to the best of my ability."

Asked if the fight ultimately was a detriment to the team, Bennett said, "It's practice. I know I sound like Allen Iverson right now, but it's practice. [Expletive] happens at practice. You learn from it. That's why it's practice."

Bennett was later asked whether he expected to be fined by Trestman. The tight end remained petulant.

"I can afford it," he said.
He seems really sorry for what happened...
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Thracken13115 months
was more of a bulldog than a body slam
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