Does football keep players out of trouble? Interesting question. Here are 10 players who have spent time in the clinker since the lockout began on March 12....


William Moore
April 19
The Falcons safety was charged with speeding, driving with a suspended license and failure to appear in court after being pulled over in Gwinnett County, Ga. The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported that the charges stemmed from an unpaid speeding ticket that has now been paid.

Kenny Britt,
April 12
The Titans wide receiver was arrested after he allegedly raced away from a police officer attempting to pull him over for speeding in his hometown of Bayonne, N.J. Britt, 22, faces charges of eluding the officer, hindering apprehension and obstructing governmental function.

Mike Vrabel,
April 4
Two days before Vrabel appeared as a named plaintiff in the antitrust suit against the NFL, he made an unanticipated trip through the criminal justice system. The Kansas City linebacker was arrested for felony theft stemming from an incident at an Indiana casino. A law enforcement official said Vrabel was spotted taking bottles of alcohol away without paying for them, but Vrabel called the incident an "unfortunate misunderstanding."

Louis Murphy
April 3
The Raiders receiver was arrested for three misdemeanors, including possession of a drug without a prescription. The drug -- later identified as Viagra -- was allegedly in an unlabeled bottle found after police arrested Murphy for resisting arrest. The officer said Murphy told him he removed the label "because he did not want his girlfriend to know he had a prescription for it."

Aqib Talib
March 30
The Buccaneers cornerback was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in relation to a March incident in which he allegedly shot at his sister's boyfriend. His mother was also charged.

Jason Peters
March 25
The Eagles Pro Bowl tackle was arrested in Shreveport, La., for disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. Police allege Peters was blaring music from his vehicle in the downtown area.

Johnny Jolly
March 25
After being suspended for all of Green Bay's Super Bowl season for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy, Jolly was arrested for possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. Police allegedly found 600 grams of codeine. Jolly was previously arrested in July 2008 for possession of at least 200 grams of the drug.

Bryan McCann
March 19
The Cowboys cornerback was charged with public intoxication. In a statement, McCann denied he was drunk at the time of his arrest.

Mario Henderson
March 17
The Raiders offensive tackle was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, which was allegedly discovered after police pulled over his car for playing music too loudly. He was also cited for failure to wear a seat belt.

Chris Cook
March 12
The Vikings cornerback was arrested in his hometown of Lynchburg, Va., on suspicion of brandishing a gun during a fight. Cook says the incident was just a misunderstanding and that he only argued with a neighbor.

Who's next? Pacman, let me hear ya?!?!

Source SI

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