New Orleans Saints Announce Fan Attendance News
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The New Orleans Saints have announced the latest requirements for fans to attend home games at the Caesars Superdome this season...

“The New Orleans Saints are grateful to have received all the necessary approvals to host a full capacity crowd at the Caesars Superdome this season,” the team said in a press release. “The Saints earned the No. 1 ranking in the NFL in Health and Safety in 2020 and are following the state and local protocols for our fans to safely attend games this season.”

“While the city is not exclusively requiring a full vaccine for entry it is requiring either proof of a single vaccination dose or a negative Covid-19 test for our fans to attend the game (fans that are 12 and under do not need to provide any proof of vaccination or negative test result),” the statement continued. “The City of New Orleans will permit fans to enter the stadium even if they receive their first Covid-19 vaccination shot on the day of the game. The Saints will be teaming with Ochsner to provide free Covid-19 vaccinations at the Caesars Superdome for fans who wish to choose this option.”

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Gaspergou20235 months
The only good news I see is that I don’t go to Saints games. I do believe they will NOT refund the tickets of those who are vaccine objectors. I also am sure that when they sold these tickets, a vaccine or negative test was NOT in the fine print. Now I’ve had both shots and I don’t go to the woke NFL or even watch them on TV, so I have no dog in the fight. But, it seems that if you change the rules you owe a refund to those who didn’t agree to them.
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TigerB835 months
Shall we print the T-shirts? "Health and Safety World Champions"!!!!!!!
user avatar
LurkerTooLong35 months
Because taking the vaccine that day immediately make you safe from spreading anything…
user avatar
TigerMan7935 months
Where is this "good news" that you speak of?
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Northshoretiger8735 months
Frick all that. The City of NOLA and all going along with these shenanigans don’t deserve any support. And, double frick Ochsner for getting rich off Obama Care, and JBE for encouraging the money laundering scheme by pumping more tax dollars into the expansion of Medicaid in this State.
user avatar
CajunBullet35 months
It's the Democrats way, they steal your money.
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