NCAA Has Filed A Trademark For 'Battle In The Bubble'...What Does This Mean?
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The NCAA has filed a trademark for "Battle In The Bubble," with the intent to host multiple sporting tournaments...
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This comes a few weeks after a Houston Company pitched this idea...

A blueprint to play nonconference games inside a bubble went out to 50 teams this week. Rhossi Carron, who runs the U-Sports Group, a Houston-based sporting event company that is scheduled to host two nonconference events this season in Texas, has a proposal for the “Battle in the Bubble.” It would include 20 schools, with each team playing eight nonconference games and a scrimmage over three weeks in December in Houston.
So, what does this all mean? No clue.

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JG7705642 months
Ok I just trademarked Trouble in the bubble. And my shite even rhymes. Or how about Warrantine while Quarantined?
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kciDAtaE42 months
I’m glad the NCAA had found a way to make money off the Covid. It was a close one there for a while
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